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Deliver a Memorable Experience at Market

Any furniture business will come to recognize the fierce competitive landscape within the industry. And with so many advertisers bombarding consumers from every angle at all times, it’s easy to understand why everything seems so convoluted. With trade shows being the go-to in terms of targeted industry exposure, it’s critical to curate a top-notch experience at your showroom. Special events, launch campaigns and social media are a few of many ways to help contribute to maximizing effective marketing potential. The best brands in the industry understand the immense value of a fantastic showroom experience and are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination.


On-brand showroom design

Optimizing your experience at Market starts with making sure your showroom is on-brand, which includes the interior design and layout. The most successful brands ensure all visible perception of the brand aligns whether it be marketing efforts, sponsorships, venues and customer opportunities. Staying on-brand with your showroom means it should share the same look, feel and persona, which is should be represented across your marketing strategy. Ensure all colors, products, styling, banners and marketing collateral in the showroom paint a consistent, cohesive picture.

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Photo: Christopher Guy Showroom at Las Vegas Market

Making your showroom “shareable”

Leveraging social media is a way to maximize reach and effectiveness with your showroom experience so making your showroom shareable is critical. Post live content on Facebook and Instagram and utilize live video to bring the showroom experience to the digital space. Participating in campaigns like Las Vegas Market’s #ViewOnVegas is a great way to formulate a sense of visibility and accessibility around your brand. Gold Bond received significant engagement from Market attendees with their recent social media campaign where they offered a variety of incentives in exchange for social engagement. Utilizing campaigns like this to feature products, behind-the-scenes shots and other things is a sure way to get the most out of your showroom.

Hosting Special Events

Hosting special events is another way to drive traffic to and stimulate activity in your showroom. A client’s recent showroom event at High Point Market, where they incorporated up-and-coming interior designers, is a great example of a showroom event done right. The “Fashion Forward Interiors Event” featured prominent industry influencers to speak and interact with participants regarding key attributes to making color and product trends work for clients. Also at High Point, Zuo Modern’s VP of Sales for Latin America hosted an “International Buyers Reception” to attract and interact with new and existing buyers. The key is to find the best talent that fits your brand and communicates directly with your desired audience.

Source: Woodson & Rummerfield’s

New Product launch campaigns

Launch campaigns, which feature new designs, layouts and products are a fantastic way to make a splash at the Market. Christopher Guy recently knocked it out of the park at High Point with their revolutionary new showroom, which seemed to transport participants into a whole new realm. Featuring a 20,000 square foot space and their new building flanked by two infinity pools, the impressive display is a phenomenal example of the imaginative capabilities the brand possesses. Campaigns like this are a flawless way to get exposure in the market and get participants talking about your showroom.

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