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3 Common Problems Furniture Retailers Face Online

The move to digital and online is upon us and Furniture Retailers can no longer ignore it. Every day more and more consumers are performing their research online, comparing costs, etc. — some are even making final purchases directly through a manufacturers’ websites. So what are Furniture Retailers going to do to reap the rewards […]


Deliver a memorable experience at Market

Any furniture business will come to recognize the fierce competitive landscape within the industry. And with so many advertisers bombarding consumers from every angle at all times, it’s easy to understand why everything seems so convoluted. With trade shows being the go-to in terms of targeted industry exposure, it’s critical to curate a top-notch experience […]


Create a Buzz and Drive Traffic to your Market Showroom

You already know that the success of your business hinges on attracting new buyers and keeping current buyers interested. But, how do you stay ahead of the game? With problems like ever-changing consumer demands, shrinking retailer loyalty and aggressive pricing competition, it has become more important than ever to implement an integrated marketing strategy that […]


3 Ways to Empower your Success with Retailers through your Online Presence

Today’s furniture retailing is a complex mix of online and offline experiences, and ultimately serving the empowered super consumer can be challenging. Consumers come already empowered when they walk into stores. 55% have already begun their shopping journey online, but will still want the in-store experience due to furniture items bulk, price, and typical desire […]


Defining Your Optimal Brand Strategy – Part 2

All brands have a voice, and the great ones – ones that standout and sustain for decades, have a distinct personality that connects on a deeper level with their customers. To be effective, this personality should be cohesive and consistent across all touch points: core messaging, copywriting, imagery, advertising, website – everywhere. In our previous […]


Defining Your Optimal Brand Strategy – Part 1

Competing in today's hyper-competitive furniture market is challenging enough let alone having to make your way through all the chaos.  As discussed in our last blog, there are plenty of daunting challenges faced by today’s legacy furniture brands: the generational shift, lack of resources, multiple targets and adapting to technology. Over the next two blog [...]

The Current Challenges Faced by Legacy Furniture Brands

A lot of blogs about Branding and Marketing deal in generalities. We prefer to focus in on what’s relevant to the furniture industry. The first part of finding a solution to the various challenges the industry faces today is to understand some of the key points that shape the current circumstance. This entry focuses on [...]