Create a Buzz and Drive Traffic to your Market Showroom

You already know that the success of your business hinges on attracting new buyers and keeping current buyers interested. But, how do you stay ahead of the game? With problems like ever-changing consumer demands, shrinking retailer loyalty and aggressive pricing competition, it has become more important than ever to implement an integrated marketing strategy that is poised to counter the abundant hindrances apparent in the market today. Creating a buzz around your brand is the only true way to drive traffic into your showroom and help you stand out from your competitors. When executed correctly, you will open a direct line of communication with your targeted buyers and get the exposure your brand requires.

1024px_showroom_biggerCreate a Compelling Message

The first step in creating buzz around your brand is understanding your audience and creating a compelling message that entices buyers to visit your showroom.  Their values, passions, needs and desires will be extraordinarily indicative of the approach you’ll be looking to utilize. Identify the pain points your target market experiences and offer a solution. By defining and communicating a unique value proposition as a differentiator, you will convince buyers why they should participate in your brand over others. When necessary, lay out a reasonable call-to-action to suggest your audience take the necessary steps to further immerse themselves in your brand. Take time and deliberation to ensure your brand has a consistent and targeted message, and don’t forget to be yourself; authentic!

Invitation Through Digital Media

Digital media has taken over the marketing stratosphere in recent years as brands clamor to understand and utilize it effectively. Inviting potential buyers directly through online ads and emails is an effective way to generate excitement around your brand. Email marketing specifically is an incredible tool to retain customers’ attention and streamline the nurturing process through direct one-to-one communication.

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Social Media & Press Prior to Market

Real-time communication and engagement with your targeted buyers has never been easier through the use of social media. Along with increased brand recognition and loyalty, social media presents endless opportunities to convert and bolster traffic in your showroom. Kristy Elisano, VP of Marketing for Sparks, asserts that “offering audiences a platform on which to socialize and learn prior to the event can create a better-attended event, and an on-site experience attendees spend more time in.” It is also important to leverage any available press and earned media to bring your messaging execution full circle!

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New Products and Showroom Event Sneak Peaks

In-person face time with customers is one of the easiest and most effective ways to obtain and maintain your business. Live events are valued industry-wide as vessels for creating buzz around a brand and driving traffic into showrooms. Maximize this approach by featuring a guest speaker or offering sneak peeks into new lines, products and partnerships. But, creating buzz prior to a show is only half the battle. Next up: how to optimize the experience at the show!

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