perception is everything

Wesley Allen is a legacy iron furniture manufacturer and designer with over 40 years in business. Over the years, the Wesley Allen brand name become synonymous with quality but in recent years felt the demand for their product had declined. As a Los Angeles-based company that still handcrafts a quality product, it became apparent that the reason for their market decline was that their branding was outdated and a digital presence that was nominal at best.

To solidify Wesley Allen's position, we completely overhauled the brand’s look and feel. The redesign process included a new logo, catalog, and website featuring professional product descriptions and product photography of over 150 products. The eclectic, minimal style modernized the brand’s aesthetic, effectually repositioning it to connect with 21st century consumers, interior designers, and retail buyers.

Simultaneously, we developed a series of highly effective, targeted email campaigns and industry print adverts, elevating website and showroom traffic by nearly 50% during Market. Prior to the rebrand, Wesley Allen had a digital presence of zero across all channels and is now distinguished as an innovator in the furniture and interiors industry through the creation and curation of pertinent social media and blog content by our in-house team.

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