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The following services are tailored towards furniture design and manufacturing companies that sell directly to brick-and-mortar and online retailers. Getting ready for Market and need help driving traffic to your Vegas or High Point showroom?

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services-slashesBrand Strategy and PositioningThe process of building an appealing and memorable brand begins with in-depth research and analysis to understand your company and brand from the ground up. Coupled with market research, we develop a sustainable and distinct vision for the brand and its place in the market.


services-slashesBrand IdentityWhat makes a brand goes much farther than a great logo? From brand voice to color to messaging, we craft relevant, modern, and timeless brand identities that capture your company’s essence and make a lasting impression in your customers’ minds.

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services-slashesWeb DesignWebsites are the window into any furniture company and directly affect how you are perceived by new and current customers. We help companies leverage the power of the internet and create demand by designing and building innovative and customized websites that inform, connect, and engage with the trade and consumers alike.


services-slashesSocial Media MarketingSingle-handedly the most powerful and effective marketing medium ever created, social media is also the mainstay of a good furniture marketing strategy. We build custom social media strategies and campaigns that extend well beyond basic product plugs and generic promotions. Our campaigns are built around relevant and custom content that is specifically aligned with your brand’s values, passions and target audience.

services-slashesDigital and Traditional AdvertisingWe help brands reach new markets and audiences through highly targeted advertising campaigns that span trade and consumer media. From industry print ads to end-user online display ads, we build unexpected and unforgettable campaigns that cut through the clutter and help your brand stand out from the competition.

services-slashesCatalog and Collateral DesignThe collateral of your brand is quite often the first impression current and new clients will have. We take immense pride in all of our collateral designs, which range from digital brochures and lookbooks to printed product catalogs and package design. Well designed collateral can improve everything from sales and marketing efforts to company and employee morale.

services-slashesContent DevelopmentThey say content is king in today’s modern, digital world. We would even take one-step further and say, QUALITY content is king. It is no longer enough to just post and procure average content as there is an over-saturation of mediocre content and consumers are getting overwhelmed. We specialize in creating highly informative, engaging, and to-the-point, written, photo and video content that encourages commitment and loyalty.


services-slashesConsulting and Product StrategyOur approach is holistic. With over 10 years in the furnishings industry, we have helped many companies with their business and product strategy as it relates to their branding, positioning and marketing. Furniture Branding’s senior executives and consultants have helped many clients refine and expand their product lines as they correlate to their target audience and market opportunities. In addition, we have helped clients transition their business models towards e-commerce and build a strong and sustainable online identity and presence.


services-slashesPhoto and Video ProductionVibrant product photography and videos produced in hi-definition are fundamental for success in today’s technology and content driven market. From creative and art direction to full-on production, we offer a full range of imaging services nationwide, including on-site video and photo shoots, editing, retouching, voiceover, motion-graphics and finishing.


services-slashesInfluencer Marketing & Product PlacementOne of the most influential and effective ways to build brand awareness, increase following, and drive demand is through influencer-driven campaigns. From style magazine write-ups and design blog placements to celebrity endorsements and strategic film/tv product placement, our custom campaigns deliver a profound, positive affect on a company’s perceived value and overall presence in the market.

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