who we are

Furniture Branding is a Los Angeles based strategic and creative agency whose sole purpose is to serve and fulfill the marketing needs of the furniture trade and retail. Born through our deep-rooted passion for furniture and helping brands innovate, thrive and sustain in today’s competitive and constantly-changing environment, Furniture Branding prides itself on developing strategic partnerships with our clients that are built upon collaboration, innovation, and unparalleled execution.



what we do

We strategically position, develop, and grow new and legacy furniture brands that standout and achieve long-term success.

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how we do it

Our process begins with gaining a deep understanding of you, our client, and what makes you truly unique. We couple this insight with in-depth research to develop a vital market position and strategy for your brand. Once we’ve developed a clear vision for your brand, we bring it to life through custom crafted and innovative solutions.

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why we do it

Simply put, we love what we do and have a genuine passion for furniture. For us there’s something about working in a creative and collaborative environment that satisfies a deep human need. Our ultimate satisfaction is to see the expression on our client’s faces when a great idea comes to fruition.